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General Pricing

View the paragraph below this price list for an explanation of how this price sheet works.

Price List 2023 - Sheet1.png

This pricing may seem difficult to understand but it should get you headed in the right direction. The pricing on the left side labeled "Screen printing" is the price for a single location screen print (not including the garment). The "Additional location" section right below that is what you need to add for a second, or third location print. (i.e. for a 3 color front print at 20 shirts its $5.00, to add a 2 color back print would be an additional $3.50). This same layout works for embroidery as well.

Embroidery is based on stitch count, which is an unknown variable until we have the logo "digitized" (converted into an embroidery file for the machine). This is a one-time $20 flat rate fee. A safe assumption for most logos is 9-10,999 stitches.

As you see below there are price breaks which are determined per logo. You can mix and match different garment styles (i.e. 20 t-shirts and 30 sweatshirts to get the 24-71 price break so long as we are using the same logo). 

Print / Embroidery only is the pricing applicable when customers want to bring in their own garments for us to print on. They are significantly higher as we do not make any profit on the garment itself and compensate with a higher printing / embroidery price.

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