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Our vendors are listed in order. First being the most commonly used vendors and transitioning into more specialty type vendors. The most important thing you want to note when looking at a product you like is the Style Number. It is usually located to the top left of the items picture. This is how we will refence the products on your itemized invoice. If you are having trouble finding the product you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out and we will get you headed in the right direction. Each vendor will have a general description of what is offered from each vendor.

Sanmar is our main vendor. They offer a huge array of products. They are a one stop shop offering hats, shirts, work wear, outdoor wear, safety equipment, socks, beanies, sweatshirts, polos, even scrubs and blankets.

Popular brands: 

  • Gildan, Port & Company, Sport tek, Hanes, Carhartt, Nike, Ogio, Eddie Bauer

Everyone knows this one. Richardson has boomed in popularity in recent years. Solely a hat manufacturer, their Richardson 112 is the hottest commodity since sliced bread. Unfortunately covid ravaged their stock numbers so many colors in many styles are back ordered for 6 months or more. Reach out with the style you are looking for and we can send a list of available color options and styles.

Alphabroder could be considered the younger sibling of Sanmar and Alphabroder. It offers many of the same brands with a few unique items of their own. The stock is often spotty and is primarily used as a "filler hub" where we hope to find that one secret stock of items. 

Popular brands:

  • Puma, Core365, J. America, Devon & Jones

Very similar to Sanmar is SSactivewear. They offer many of the same products as sanmar minus a few brand names. They are our second most used vendor offering a huge array of various products like coozies, Jogger sweats, board shorts, and dresses.

Popular brands:

  • Bella & Canvas, Burnside, Columbia, Adidas and Red Cap

Augusta is a sports specific company comprised of 4 smaller, also sports specific companies. They offer uniforms, socks, hats, athletic wear, and fan wear for all of the common high school sports. Their colors are usually available in all common school color combinations. They have all sports covered in a large range of prices from practice pennies to custom dye sublimated tops and bottoms.

Otto Cap is a very large cap company offering almost every style of cap imaginable. They manufacture and embroider a lot of headwear for large brands like adidas, puma, and disney. Their selection and pricing is top tier. 

Founder sport group is like Augusta in being 4 smaller companies working as one. They are the sister company to Augusta offering their own array of sportswear, fan wear, etc. They also offer the 2-day Tech tee which has a variety of options for dye sublimated shirts, v-necks, and tank tops, with custom numbering and patterns. These work great as inexpensive youth team jerseys.

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