About Us

Quality and Experience

Loren founded Paramount Printing with the motto ingrained in the name. "Paramount" defined as being the peak, or pinnacle; of the highest ranking or status. We take that to heart when we're decorating your garments and we've been doing it for over 20 years. We are 100% dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction when ordering here at Paramount Printing

Family Owned & Operated  

Loren and Christina Simonis founded Paramount Printing about a year before they had their first child, Josh, in 1996. They soon had Jessica in 1999. Jump forward 20 years and Loren has deservingly just retired. His 20 years of hard work and diligence has left a nice foot hold for his children who have just began taking over the business as of January, 2017. 

Community Oriented 

Paramount Printing was opened in Roseburg, OR and loves serving the community. We now print for most of the local schools, as well as the boys and girls club, YMCA, and many local businesses. We strive to form relationships with our clients and always have our customers' best interests at heart.

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