Our Experience with Embroidery

We’ve been embroidering everything from coats, and hats, to backpacks, towels, and even horse blankets. We know what it takes to make your garments look clean. We can do 3D embroidery, full backs, hats, patches, and more. We have a special on letterman’s jackets, $300 fully decorated. We have more than 40 colors available and can even special order in unique color combinations.


General Info

The price of embroidery is determined by stitch count. Jobs requiring embroidery will not have finalized pricing until the artwork has been received back from the digitizers. For estimate purposes, we will provide the closest estimate possible based on the size of the logo and estimated stitch count. We charge our customers the same price we are charged for the digitizing services because we don't believe in profiting off of work we didn't do.



Artwork for embroidery is processed through digitizing. Digitizing is a one time fee and all logos are kept on record. Logos can be scaled up or down 15% without being subject to be re-digitized. We receive all logos back from digitizers in one to two business day. We charge you what our vendor charges us. We carry prices through because we don't believe in being payed for work we didn't do. Left chest / Hat logos - $15. Full Back / Large logos - $35-50 


Typesetting / Namedrops

We have thousands of fonts in house which we can use to typeset specific wording or names. Typesetting will be billed at $7.00 for each different name or title.


Embroidery Prices

Embroidery is priced by stitch count. Logos over 20,000 stitches will be billed at .80 cents per 1,000 stitches. Price breaks apply once sufficient quantities have been reached.


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