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  1. Nick Noyes says:


    I couldn’t get the contact form to accept my message. I’m trying to get quotes for a single-color screen print for a small run of 100 shirts (split into 50 men’s and 50 women’s sizes). For sizes, I was hoping for a split like this: 10 smalls, 10 mediums, 15 larges, 10 xl, 5 xxl for both the men’s and women’s shirts. For this limited run, I was figuring a cheaper cotton blend shirt, nothing too scratchy, in order to gauge interest from our stakeholders. I would also like to get a quote for a different screen for 25 shirts (all men’s, small cotton blend) broken down into 5 smalls, 5 mediums, 10 larges, 5 xl. Logo on both of these would be single-color, but it would be two different logos, so I assume there would be two setup fees for the screens. If I could get two quotes with a price-per-tee breakout that would be great!

    Nick Noyes
    NeighborWorks Umpqua

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