About our Company

Paramount Printing LLC


Paramount Printing has been actively operating in Douglas County for over two decades and continues to grow and make new connections, and friendships, with our customers and employees. Loren Simonis was the sole founder of Paramount and over twenty years later he still continues to manage the business which he has raised from the ground up. The shop is co-owned by Loren's son Josh, and Wife Christina making it truly a family business. Loren founded the company on the premise that all our customers should receive the best customer service available and an even better product. Paramount operates with three main keys in mind; Speed, Quality, and Service. We want to produce on an industrial level with precise quality without losing touch with the people who made our growth possible. You. We take great pride in our work and intend to keep expanding our reaches in search of new friends and challenges. We truly are passionate about our work and take the time, care, and consideration to make every product to the best of our ability.

Our Work

Paramount has about 25 years screen printing and embroidery experience and we take the time to make sure each garment is decorated with care and precision. Each piece we decorate is a representation of our company and our effort to leave our customers satisfied, and the ultimate goal is leaving a positive experience through our work.


Our Mission

As the changes unfold and we transition to a new generation, turn over a new leaf, we hope to carry with us our beloved customers as we continue to further our structure and efficiency. Paramount recently transitioned into an LLC to assist with our expansion, and has been working diligently to get our new and improved website running smoothly and efficiently. The transition into the technological age has been a huge leap to say the least, and along the way we have focused largely on organization, procedure, and efficiency. We are working on developing design software so customers can place their orders on a single app from our website, or their phones / tablets. By uploading photos, selecting garments, colors, and quantities, and / or choosing from stock vector photos, customers will be able to streamline their ordering experience. That being said, to make such a huge transition we will need your support and cooperation as we fine tune procedures. We are only human and accidents happen; if you feel something was not right with your order, please let us know and we will correct it however possible. We are planning to start filing all of our artwork electronically in the future so we may need your artwork files again. Loren hand built most artwork that has come through the shop, but as we grow, we are finding ourselves overwhelmed with artwork. Artwork is a huge part of our business and we have begun outsourcing to professionals to have your logos printed as beautifully as possible. We pay a small fee to have this artwork made which is carried over to you; this is a small price to pay to have your garments looking as clean as possible. We thank you for the support over the years and look forward to the growth over the years to come.

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