About Us


About Us

Our story:

Paramount Printing was officially established in downtown Roseburg, Oregon in 1997 by my father, Loren Simonis. He started the art of screen printing while working as a ranch hand for his brother on a large farm in Roseburg. As his interests grew, Loren wanted to share his artistic capabilities on a larger scale, thus Paramount Printing was born. Now, just over twenty years later, we have expanded to a medium sized shop located off Garden Valley on Walnut Street. We have quite a large customer base and do work for many well known companies around Douglas County and expanding areas. We pride ourselves on quality customer service; we want to gain more than a new customer when you walk through the door, we want a friend. We have established many quality, long lasting relationships over the years and we don’t intend on changing that anytime soon. We are a “Yes Company” We are willing to do whatever it takes, and everything in our power to leave our customers as satisfied as possible.  As a son, I am proud to be able to carry on the legacy my father has established through Paramount Printing. It has been founded solely on the hard work, love, and dedication of my dad, and for those who have met him, they’ll surely vouch. Screen printing is in my blood, literally (I ate a handful of green ink at the age of two, but that’s a story for another time), and I intend to carry on this legacy with the same love, pride, and dedication. Alongside us, we have the beloved support of my mother, Christina, and sister, Jessica.

Our Work,

We take great pride in producing quality garments that our customers love. We are always willing to go above and beyond to meet our customer's’ expectations. We don’t have any guidelines as far as what we won’t do. You want it, we’ll print it. We’ve printed / embroidered almost anything you can think of: backpacks, socks, towels, jerseys, signs, bumper stickers, magnets, you name it, we can do it. Or point you to someone who will. We’ve done wedding events, outings, garments for every sport out there, gag gifts, political jokes, and we love it. The art of screen printing is quite amazing, and we love to share it with you however possible.

Our Mission,

As the transitions unfold to a new generation, to a new leaf, we hope to carry with us our beloved customers as we continue to further our structure and efficiency. Paramount recently transitioned into an LLC to assist with our expansion, and has been working diligently to get our new and improved website running smoothly and efficiently. The transition into the technological age has been a huge leap to say the least, and along the way we have focused largely on organization, and procedure. We are working on developing design software so customers can place their orders on a single app from our website, or their phones by uploading photos, selecting garments, colors, and quantities. That being said, to make such a huge transition we will need your support and cooperation as we fine tune procedures. We may need some assistance in the form of understanding. We are only human and accidents happen; if you feel something was not right with your order, please let us know and we will correct it however possible. We are planning to start filing all of our artwork electronically in the future so we may need your artwork files again. Loren hand built most artwork that has come through the shop, but as we grow, we are finding ourselves overwhelmed with artwork. Artwork is a huge part of our business and we have begun outsourcing to professionals to have your logos printed as beautifully as possible. We pay a small fee to have this artwork made which is carried over to you; this is a small price to pay to have your garments looking as clean as possible. We thank you for the support over the years and look forward to the growth over the years to come.